Who is Team Science?
Team Science is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in the Los Angeles basin which has been providing support in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematic (STEAM) to students in grades K-12 since 1991 with a unique hands on approach that lets students experience science.

What is the mission of Team Science?
Team Science is dedicated to creating a community that fosters growth in science, technology, engineering and math while promoting confidence in students thru the use of high quality interactive programs and resources for students, teachers and parents.

What is the vision of Team Science?
Team Science has the vision of instilling the love of math and science in every heart by putting the power of math and science in every mind. Thru this vision Team Science seeks to provide students with the math and science skills necessary to pursue careers in the area of science, technology, engineering and math. Students who have participated in Team Science programs have gone on to careers in health care, engineering, food services, aerospace, and applied sciences.
What fuels Team Science?
Team Science is comprised of a diverse volunteer team of skilled professionals actively working in industry and education who present our more than 20 fully documented and supported workshops on topics from Astronomy to Zoology using our infrastructure which includes computers, a Shuttle Flight Deck simulator, and a fully inventoried supply room.

What is Summer Science Camp?
Summer Science Camp (SSC) SSC is a six-day comprehensive academic STEAM enhancement program where students in grades K-12 engage in a learning adventure which includes elements of creativity, mentoring, community involvement, and both applied and analytical learning. The program focuses on communicating the joy and excitement of learning math, science, and technology in new ways. Students who attend SSC show an increased interest in science, mathematics and technology along with a reduction in anxiety about learning math, science and technology. Students, through hands on activities will connect knowledge of science and math to real world situations.
Why should my student attend SSC?
Students experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer. Attending SSC allows students gain academic advantage and have better academic outcomes which can lead to higher graduation rate and better preparation for collegiate environment.

How long is SSC?
SSC is six days (three Fridays and three Saturdays) and runs from 9 a. m to 3 p. m each day. Students must be able to attend all six days. The team work and learning experiences of Summer Science Camp build from one day to the next and absenteeism cannot be tolerated.

Does my student need to wear their camp shirt every day?
Yes and the reasons are twofold. Your student is going to get dirty at camp and we prefer that they do not ruin their good clothing. Secondly, the campers and volunteers have contrasting shirt colors. Having students wear their shirts provided a quick visual identification of the students at camp. The color contract with volunteers allows camp staff to identify that students are supervised even from a distance.

Does my student need to bring lunch?
Yes students need to bring a healthy lunch and drink for lunch. Snacks are provided for grades K-3. The last day of camp is the exception and on that day students all students are treated to a hot dog lunch.

What is Early Morning Math (EMM)?
You can sign up for Early Morning Math (EMM) during the camp registration process and the cost of EMM is included with the cost of Summer Science Camp. Students from grades 2-12 can participate in Early Morning Math. For Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS) is a web-based, assessment, and learning system, which uses adaptive questioning to determine the students strengths and weaknesses in a particular assessment area. Team Science has extensive experience with this the ALEKS tool, and has used it for many years at their Summer Science Camp.
NOTE: ALEKS is an on-line math-learning tool. Team Science in no way associates with ALEKS for any business purposes, nor does it receive financial remuneration or benefit resulting from this program. As such, Team Science is a sponsor of subscriptions for this tool that were obtained using Team Science funds.

Do students have to check in and check out every day of camp?
In a word, yes. Students will be checked in at the registration tables each morning and will receive a new name tag. Students do not have to be accompanied by a parent at this time but it is strongly suggested for those campers under age 13. Accompaniment for check in is at the parents’ discretion. In the afternoon when picking up the students; parents/guardians or those authorized (and documented) as being allowed to pick up the students will be directed to the classrooms where they will be asked to sign the student out of the workshop. In limited and pre approved cases, a student age 13 and older can self release themselves and siblings from camp. Please speak to a Team Science staff member if you plan to have your student self release from camp.


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