Parent Reviews

Parent Reviews

Parents continually provide us with positive feedback about the value of the Summer Science Camp. The following feedback was gathered from the parent surveys in August 2013.

  • All of the parents agreed that the hands-on learning their child participated in will benefit them during the school year.
  • 99% of parents agreed they would recommend Science Camp to friends and colleagues and would return again.
  • 95% of parents agreed that their child gained confidence by trying something challenging.

Comments from Parents

My daughter got a scholarship to attend Science Camp and it was the best thing for her! She came home everyday with a big smile and tons of facts she learned.

Thank you for giving our son the opportunity to work with some pretty incredible people. His instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable about his subject. Our son enjoyed himself and is looking forward to doing this again next summer. We hope so too!

Having this program is such a wonderful way to motivate and teach our children the importance of science in a fun and friendly environment so they can become our future astronauts, scientists, inventors, and leaders!

I can’t think of a better way to get kids excited about science and wanting to pursue education goals to obtain a career in the scientific field.

It provides a strong math and science foundation for students to continue growing in math and science. These students will become our future engineers, scientists, and astronauts! Very important!

Science Camp provides the kids with an interest and a curiosity of how things work. Science Camp demonstrates to the students a sense of discovery in many applied science levels. The students learn by doing and engaging various experiments vs. just lecture and short lab experiments. More time is spent with students engaged in hands-on activity which promotes a full comprehension of what is to be learned.

As our country pulls further and further into a consumer environment rather than producing environment there is a serious need to nurture our future generations in seeking invention, creative, problem-solving disciplines. Math, science, and technology are being driven to the back burner of our schools due to the lack of funds for hands-on teaching and challenging regulatory California state standards for teachers. This program helps to encourage student involvement and participation. A great opportunity for students and parents.

This is truly a great program for kids to learn about science. The program is not only extremely fun and hands-on, but also very educational. The instructors are really experienced and knowledgeable in the areas they teach. My kids truly had a great learning time at camp and are all looking forward to coming back next year.

My girls are very advanced in math and science because of all their years participating. Their teachers compliment me and I say it’s because they go to the Science Camp every year. (Caroline told her 1st grade teacher about O2 and C02 exchange between plants and animals when she was 6—her teacher was blown away). Anyway, they’ve benefited and so have I.

Both of my kids attended the Science Camp this year and I have never seen them so excited about what they learned. They loved the hands-on approach to experiments in class and all the teachers and staff made the experience educational and fun.

SSC has provided my children a unique opportunity to learn science in a hands-on environment where they are encouraged to participate, reason, and experiment with the concepts they are taught. This positive experience has provided them with an enthusiasm towards learning and understanding more about the world we live in.

My son has been attending this camp since he was in the second grade. He is now in the sixth grade and he is always eager to attend science camp. We don’t mind the drive from Riverside each year because it is worth it!

I attended camp as a young girl and my grandfather now volunteers his time over the summer. It is an exciting program that gives the youth of today an encouraging place to learn and grow.

As a former student and a current volunteer, I have been involved with this program for six years. What motivates me to come back year after year is the knowledge that if America is to progress in the years to come, it will need to produce more scientists and engineers. By motivating students at a young age and exposing them to the sciences, Team Science is taking a step forward in making this happen.

Team Science provides an opportunity for students to get math/science exposure with student/teacher ratios that are not possible within a traditional school setting. With the individual attention and encouragement, students have an opportunity to reach their potential.

This camp has really been a great experience for me as a volunteer. I have never seen students more excited about science and I have never seen science presented in an exciting manner. I am very thankful for the resources that are made available by Team Science. I wish I would have known about this program sooner.

Both of my children went through Science Camp when it first started and I was a volunteer and learning with them. I feel that this camp helped to form who they are today.

The summer science program is fun for children while exposing them to science and math which is the gateway to higher education.

I have been fortunate to volunteer to support Team Science and have seen first hand the amazing impact that having fun with science and learning can have on children.

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