The Math Enrichment Program

The Math Enrichment Program

The Math Enrichment Program is a multi-faceted approach which provides tutoring, mentoring, interactive assessment and practical application to students from elementary school through high school that require additional support in their math classes. Through various cutting-edge approaches students will gain mastery and confidence in their math activities, and, in turn, will experience a dramatic improvement in their math test scores.  Students in the Math Enrichment Program are encouraged to participate in the Summer Science Camp and Saturday Science Academy activities.

Adventures in Math and Physics (AMP) This program utilizes a full scale-working model of the Space Shuttle Flight Deck to motivate students and demonstrate the importance of learning higher-level mathematics.  Students and teachers attend after school workshops to apply, practice and improve math and physics skills to solve real world problems in the area of aircraft, rocket and space flight


ALEKS – Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS) is a web-based, assessment, and learning system, which uses adaptive questioning to determine the students strengths and weaknesses in a particular assessment area.  ALEKS offers the advantages of individualized instruction around the clock from any web-based computer for a fraction of the cost of a tutor.  Team Science has extensive experience with this the ALEKS tool, and has used it for many years at their Summer Science Camp. NOTE:  ALEKS is an on-line math-learning tool.  Team Science in no way associates with ALEKS for any business purposes, nor does it receive financial remuneration or benefit resulting from this program.  As such, Team Science is a sponsor of subscriptions for this tool that were obtained using Team Science funds.

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